About Us

Zuriky Research was originally a side project conceived in 2006 by working independently and with Mad Fellows LLC, AD Stuart Associates, and citizen scientist institutions (SAS, Citizens Scientist League).

As time progressed it morphed into a mathematics research and educational institute. We are involved with the open science, non-profit, and maker community. 

The focus of Zuriky Research is Operations Research, Physics, Data Science, Systems Engineering, Teaching, and Learning Technology.

Subcategories include Optimization, Decision & Chaos Theory, Quantum Gravity, Cosmology, Sustainable Energy, Differential Equations, FEM, Modeling & Simulation.

We work in a variety of software including Excel/VBasic, C++, Python, SPSS, R, Visual Studio, Silverlight, SQL, HTML5/Javascript and open source physics and mathematics platforms. 

We are writers in Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, Folklore, Mythology, History, Poetry. Here is a site with links to writing projects Zuriky.com

What does this mean?

If you would like to talk further about a potential project or collaboration please contact us.

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