About Us

Zuriky Research was originally a side project conceived in 2006 by working independently and with Mad Fellows LLC, AD Stuart Associates, and citizen scientist institutions (SAS, Citizens Scientist League).

As time progressed it morphed into an autonomous research and educational institute. We are interested in and involved with the open science, non-profit, and maker community. 

The focus of Zuriky Research is Operations Research, Physics, Data Science, Systems Engineering, Teaching, and Learning Technology.

Subcategories include Optimization, Decision & Chaos Theory, Quantum Gravity, Cosmology, Sustainable Energy, Differential Equations, FEM, Modeling & Simulation.

We work in a variety of software including Excel/VBasic, C++, Python, SPSS, R, Visual Studio, Silverlight, SQL, HTML5/Javascript and open source physics and mathematics platforms. 

We are published writers in Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, Folklore, Mythology, History, Poetry. Here is a site with links to writing projects Zuriky.com

What does this mean?

If you would like to talk further about a potential project or collaboration please contact us.

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